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Suspense Stories : Chills--Thrills--Action.

Dell Number 92

Author: Alfred Hitchcock

Cover Artist: David Konuro

Cover art source: Bookscans (

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Suspense Stories Alfred Hitchcock Dell #367 1949 Mapback Christie Steinbeck VG-$13.12Buy It NowWed, Nov 6 11:24:54 am
SUSPENSE STORIES Collected by ALFRED HITCHCOCK - FIRST EDITION - DELL MAPBACK 92$18.99Buy It NowFri, Nov 1 12:57:51 pm
Alfred Hitchcock Suspense Stories 1949 Dell Mapback Christie, Bradbury Steinbeck$8.75Buy It NowMon, Nov 4 12:59:30 am
DELL MAPBACK 367 - SUSPENSE STORIES selected by ALFRED HITCHCOCK$4.00Buy It NowWed, Oct 23 1:38:31 pm