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New York: Confidential : The Lowdown on Its Bright Life.

Dell Number 400

Author: Jack Lait

Cover Artist: Robert Stanley

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New York: Confidential by Jack Lait&Lee Mortimer, Dell Mapback 1534$5.950Sun, Oct 27 1:58:07 am
NEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL - LAIT & MORTIMER - DELL MAPBACK # 1534 - VERY GOOD $11.99Buy It NowFri, Nov 1 1:21:56 pm
Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer, "New York: Confidential," 1951, Dell Mapback, VG-$7.00Buy It NowThu, Oct 24 2:10:19 pm
NEW YORK: CONFIDENTIAL by Jack Lait & Lee Mortimer (mapback) Dell pb #534$9.99Buy It NowSun, Nov 10 2:20:42 pm
NEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL - LAIT & MORTIMER - DELL MAPBACK # 1534 1948$2.990Sat, Oct 26 10:32:08 pm
The Big City After Dark New York Confidential (1950) Dell Mystery Mapback #400$7.00Buy It NowTue, Nov 5 7:49:05 am
New York Confidential The Big City After Dark Dell 400 Mapback 1950 Paperback$10.00Buy It NowFri, Oct 25 4:26:04 pm
New York: Confidential! by Jack Lait & Lee Mortimer, Dell Mapback #440 1948$6.95Buy It NowFri, Nov 22 9:06:08 pm
New York: Confidential the Big City After Dark by Jack Lait 1948 Dell Mapback$4.99Buy It NowThu, Nov 7 11:59:20 am