The Mapback Index

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NOTE: These are only this artist's Dell Mapbacks. Books published under other publishers and imprints are not included.

Cover Dell Number Title Author Copyright Date Genre
Cover art - The American Gun Mystery4The American Gun MysteryEllery Queen1943Mystery
Cover art - Four Frightened Women5Four Frightened WomenGeorge Harmon Coxe1943Mystery
Cover art - Ill Met by Moonlight6Ill Met by MoonlightLeslie Ford1943Mystery
Cover art - See You at the Morgue7See You at the MorgueLawrence G. Blochman1943Mystery
Cover art - The Lone Wolf10The Lone WolfLouis Joseph Vance1943Mystery
Cover art - Hearses Don't Hurry11Hearses Don't HurryStephen Ransome1943Mystery
Cover art - Death Wears a White Gardenia13Death Wears a White GardeniaZelda Popkin1943Mystery
Cover art - The Golden Swan Murder15The Golden Swan MurderDorothy Cameron Disney1943Mystery
Cover art - The Unicorn Murders16The Unicorn MurdersCarter Dickson1943Mystery
Cover art - The Dead Can Tell17The Dead Can TellHelen Reilly1943Mystery
Cover art - The Puzzle of the Silver Persian18The Puzzle of the Silver PersianStuart Palmer1943Mystery
Cover art - Death Over Sunday19Death Over SundayJames Francis Bonnell1943Mystery
Cover art - Tambay Gold20Tambay GoldSamuel Hopkins Adams1943General
Sorry, no cover yet!22Holiday HomicideRufus King1943Mystery
Cover art - The Phantom of the Opera24The Phantom of the OperaGaston Leroux1943Mystery
Cover art - Speak No Evil25Speak No EvilMignon G. Eberhart1944Mystery
Cover art - The Camera Clue27The Camera ClueGeorge Harmon Coxe1944Mystery
Cover art - The Mountain Cat Murders28The Mountain Cat MurdersRex Stout1944Mystery
Cover art - Curtains for the Copper29Curtains for the CopperThomas Polsky1944Mystery
Cover art - Memo to a Firing Squad30Memo to a Firing SquadFrederick Hazlitt Brennan1944General
Cover art - Dance of Death33Dance of DeathHelen McCloy1944Mystery
Cover art - Crime Hound34Crime HoundMary Semple Scott1944Mystery
Cover art - The Cat Saw Murder35The Cat Saw MurderD. B. Olsen1944Mystery
Cover art - The Hammersmith Murders36The Hammersmith MurdersDavid Frome1944Mystery
Cover art - The Lesser Antilles Case39The Lesser Antilles CaseRufus King1944Mystery
Cover art - The Case of Jennie Brice40The Case of Jennie BriceMary Roberts Rinehart1944Mystery
Cover art - Murders at Scandal House42Murders at Scandal HousePeter Hunt1944Mystery
Cover art - Midnight Sailing43Midnight SailingLawrence G. Blochman1944Mystery
Cover art - Reply Paid44Reply PaidH. F. Heard1944Mystery
Cover art - Too Many Cooks45Too Many CooksRex Stout1944Mystery
Cover art - The Boomerang Clue46The Boomerang ClueAgatha Christie1944Mystery
Cover art - Keeper of the Keys47Keeper of the KeysEarl Derr Biggers1944Mystery
Cover art - The Cross-Eyed Bear Murders48The Cross-Eyed Bear MurdersDorothy B. Hughes1944Mystery
Cover art - The Feathered Serpent49The Feathered SerpentEdgar Wallace1944Mystery
Cover art - The Iron Spiders Murders50The Iron Spiders MurdersBaynard H. Kendrick1944Mystery
Cover art - The Body That Wasn't Uncle52The Body That Wasn't UncleGeorge Worthing Yates1944Mystery
Cover art - Blood Money53Blood MoneyDashiell Hammett1944Mystery
Cover art - Harvard Has a Homicide54Harvard Has a HomicideTimothy Fuller1944Mystery
Cover art - The Frightened Stiff56The Frightened StiffKelley Roos1944Mystery
Cover art - The Window at the White Cat57The Window at the White CatMary Roberts Rinehart1944Mystery
Cover art - Murder for the Asking58Murder for the AskingGeorge Harmon Coxe1944Mystery
Cover art - Turn on the Heat59Turn on the HeatA. A. Fair1944Mystery
Cover art - Thirteen at Dinner60Thirteen at DinnerAgatha Christie1944Mystery
Cover art - The Clue of the Judas Tree61The Clue of the Judas TreeLeslie Ford1944Mystery
Cover art - Strawstack Murders62Strawstack MurdersDorothy Cameron Disney1944Mystery
Cover art - Mourned on Sunday63Mourned on SundayHelen Reilly1944Mystery
Cover art - The Department of Queer Complaints65The Department of Queer ComplaintsCarter Dickson1944Mystery
Cover art - A Talent for Murder66A Talent for MurderAnna Mary Wells1944Mystery
Cover art - Hidden Ways67Hidden WaysFrederic F. Van de Water1944Mystery
Cover art - Juliet Dies Twice68Juliet Dies TwiceLange Lewis1944Mystery
Cover art - Death from a Top Hat69Death from a Top HatClayton Rawson1945Mystery
Cover art - The Red Bull70The Red BullRex Stout1945Mystery
Cover art - Murder in the Mist71Murder in the MistZelda Popkin1945Mystery
Cover art - The Man in the Moonlight72The Man in the MoonlightHelen McCloy1945Mystery
Cover art - Week-End Marriage73Week-End MarriageFaith Baldwin1945Romance
Cover art - The Murder That Had Everything74The Murder That Had EverythingHulbert Footner1945Mystery
Cover art - Affair of the Scarlet Crab75Affair of the Scarlet CrabClifford Knight1945Mystery
Cover art - Murder Wears a Mummer's Mask78Murder Wears a Mummer's MaskBrett Halliday1945Mystery
Cover art - The Hornets' Nest79The Hornets' NestBruno Fischer1945Mystery
Cover art - Prescription for Murder80Prescription for MurderHannah Lees1945Mystery
Cover art - The Glass Triangle81The Glass TriangleGeorge Harmon Coxe1945Mystery
Cover art - Curtains for the Editor82Curtains for the EditorThomas Polsky1945Mystery
Cover art - With This Ring83With This RingMignon G. Eberhart1945Mystery
Cover art - Gold Comes in Bricks84Gold Comes in BricksA. A. Fair1945Mystery
Cover art - The Savage Gentleman85The Savage GentlemanPhilip Wylie1945General
Cover art - The Man Who Murdered Goliath86The Man Who Murdered GoliathGeoffrey Homes1945Mystery
Cover art - Painted for the Kill87Painted for the KillLucy Cores1945Mystery
Cover art - A Man Called Spade90A Man Called SpadeDashiell Hammett1945Mystery
Cover art - No Crime for a Lady94No Crime for a LadyZelda Popkin1945Mystery
Cover art - The Last Express95The Last ExpressBaynard H. Kendrick1945Mystery
Cover art - Skeleton Key96Skeleton KeyLenore Glen Offord1945Mystery
Cover art - Trail Boss of Indian Beef97Trail Boss of Indian BeefHarold Channing Wire1945Western
Cover art - Spring Harrowing98Spring HarrowingPhoebe Atwood Taylor1945Mystery
Cover art - Now, Voyager99Now, VoyagerOlive Higgins Prouty1945Romance
Cover art - The So Blue Marble100The So Blue MarbleDorothy B. Hughes1946Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!102You Only Hang OnceH. W. Roden1945Mystery
Cover art - Murder is a Kill-Joy103Murder is a Kill-JoyElizabeth Sanxay Holding1946Mystery
Cover art - The Crooking Finger104The Crooking FingerCleve F. Adams1946Mystery
Cover art - Appointment with Death105Appointment with DeathAgatha Christie1946Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!106Made Up to KillKelley Roos1946Mystery
Cover art - The Deadly Truth107The Deadly TruthHelen McCloy1946Mystery
Cover art - Wall of Eyes110Wall of EyesMargaret Millar1946Mystery
Cover art - Greenmask111GreenmaskJefferson Farjeon1946Mystery
Cover art - Michael Shayne's Long Chance112Michael Shayne's Long ChanceBrett Halliday1946Mystery
Cover art - The Whistling Hangman113The Whistling HangmanBaynard H. Kendrick1946Mystery
Cover art - Broken Vase,
The115Broken Vase, TheRex Stout1946Mystery
Cover art - Honor Bound116Honor BoundFaith Baldwin1946Romance
Cover art - Women Are Like That117Women Are Like ThatAlice Elinor Lambert1946Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!118Half AngelFanny Heaslip Lea1946Romance
Cover art - Man in the Saddle120Man in the SaddleErnest Haycox1946Western
Cover art - Too Many Bones123Too Many BonesRuth Sawtell Wallis1946Mystery
Cover art - Murderer's Choice126Murderer's ChoiceAnna Mary Wells1946Mystery
Cover art - Murder
and the Married Virgin128Murder and the Married VirginBrett Halliday1946Mystery
Cover art - The Continental Op129The Continental OpDashiell Hammett1946Mystery
Cover art - The Red Lamp131The Red LampMary Roberts Rinehart1946Mystery
Cover art - The Visitor132The VisitorCarl Randau1946Mystery
Cover art - Wives to Burn134Wives to BurnLawrence G. Blochman1946Mystery
Cover art - Wolf in Man's Clothing136Wolf in Man's ClothingMignon G. Eberhart1946Mystery
Cover art - Crimson Friday137Crimson FridayDorothy Cameron Disney1946Mystery
Cover art - Men Are Such Fools138Men Are Such FoolsFaith Baldwin1946Romance
Cover art - Love--and the Countess to Boot139Love--and the Countess to BootJack Iams1945Romance
Cover art - Footprint of Cinderella140Footprint of CinderellaPhilip Wylie1946Romance
Cover art - The Swift Hour141The Swift HourHarriett Thurman1946Romance
Cover art - Cold Steal142Cold StealAlice Tilton1946Mystery
Cover art - Bar the Doors/Terror Stories143Bar the Doors/Terror StoriesAlfred Hitchcock1946General
Cover art - The Lady is Afraid147The Lady is AfraidGeorge Harmon Coxe1947Mystery
Cover art - Name Your Poison148Name Your PoisonHelen Reilly1947Mystery
Cover art - The Blackbirder149The BlackbirderDorothy B. Hughes1947Mystery
Cover art - Who's Calling?151Who's Calling?Helen McCloy1947Mystery
Cover art - Western Stories153Western StoriesGene Autry1947Western
Cover art - Return of the Continental Op154Return of the Continental OpDashiell Hammett1947Mystery
Cover art - Sailor, Take Warning!155Sailor, Take Warning!Kelley Roos1947Mystery
Cover art - The Devil in the Bush158The Devil in the BushMatthew Head1947Mystery
Cover art - If a Body159If a BodyGeorge Worthing Yates1947Mystery
Cover art - Double or Quits160Double or QuitsA. A. Fair1947Mystery
Cover art - The Man Next Door161The Man Next DoorMignon G. Eberhart1947Mystery
Cover art - Odor of Violets162Odor of VioletsBaynard H. Kendrick1947Mystery
Cover art - Self-Made Woman163Self-Made WomanFaith Baldwin1947Romance
Cover art - The Left Leg164The Left LegAlice Tilton1947Mystery
Cover art - Wiped Out/Stories of the Foreign Legion165Wiped Out/Stories of the Foreign LegionJohn D. Newsom1947Mystery
Cover art - The Wall166The WallMary Roberts Rinehart1947Mystery
Cover art - White Fawn167White FawnOlive Higgins Prouty1947Romance
Cover art - The Corpse Came Calling168The Corpse Came CallingBrett Halliday1947Mystery
Cover art - The Barotique Mystery169The Barotique MysteryGeorge Harmon Coxe1947Mystery
Cover art - Sad Cypress172Sad CypressAgatha Christie1947Mystery
Cover art - Rim of the Pit173Rim of the PitHake Talbot1947Mystery
Cover art - The Hand in the Glove177The Hand in the GloveRex Stout1947Mystery
Cover art - The Rat Began to Gnaw the Rope180The Rat Began to Gnaw the RopeC. W. Grafton1947Mystery
Cover art - Great Black Kanba181Great Black KanbaConstance Little1947Mystery
Cover art - No Time to Kill182No Time to KillGeorge Harmon Coxe1947Mystery
Cover art - Murder Is My Business184Murder Is My BusinessBrett Halliday1947Mystery
Cover art - Too Busy to Die185Too Busy to DieH. W. Roden1947Mystery
Cover art - She Ate Her Cake186She Ate Her CakeBlair Treynor1947Mystery
Cover art - N
or M?187N or M?Agatha Christie1947Mystery
Cover art - The Splendid Quest188The Splendid QuestEdison Marshall1947Mystery
Cover art - Kind Are Her Answers189Kind Are Her AnswersMary Renault1947General
Cover art - Dead Man's Gift190Dead Man's GiftZelda Popkin1947Mystery
Cover art - Tugboat Annie192Tugboat AnnieNorman Reilly Raine1947General
Cover art - Scarecrow193ScarecrowEaton K. Goldthwaite1947Mystery
Cover art - The Innocent Mrs. Duff194The Innocent Mrs. DuffElizabeth Sanxay Holding1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!196Rich Girl, Poor GirlFaith Baldwin1947Romance
Cover art - Kiss the Blood Off My Hands197Kiss the Blood Off My HandsGerald Butler1947Mystery
Cover art - The Glass Mask198The Glass MaskLenore Glen Offord1947Mystery
Cover art - The Opening Door200The Opening DoorHelen Reilly1947Mystery
Cover art - The State Versus Elinor Norton203The State Versus Elinor NortonMary Roberts Rinehart1947Mystery
Cover art - The Frightened Pigeon204The Frightened PigeonNoel Burke1947Mystery
Cover art - The Crimson Feather207The Crimson FeatherSara Elizabeth Mason1947Mystery
Cover art - The Iron Gates209The Iron GatesMargaret Millar1948Mystery
Cover art - Ride the Pink Horse210Ride the Pink HorseDorothy B. Hughes1948Mystery
Cover art - Cue for Murder212Cue for MurderHelen McCloy1948Mystery
Cover art - Unidentified Woman213Unidentified WomanMignon G. Eberhart1948Mystery
Cover art - The Birthday Murder214The Birthday MurderLange Lewis1948Mystery
Cover art - Dr.Parrish,
Resident215Dr.Parrish, ResidentSydney Thompson1948Romance
Cover art - H As In Hunted218H As In HuntedLawrence Treat1948Mystery
Cover art - Dark Passage221Dark PassageDavid Goodis1948Mystery
Cover art - Marked for Murder222Marked for MurderBrett Halliday1948Mystery
Cover art - Hammett Homicides223Hammett HomicidesDashiell Hammett1948Mystery
Cover art - Silent Are the Dead225Silent Are the DeadGeorge Harmon Coxe1948Mystery
Cover art - Trail Town227Trail TownErnest Haycox1948Western
Cover art - Murder on Angler's Island228Murder on Angler's IslandHelen Reilly1948Mystery
Cover art - Murder Within Murder229Murder Within MurderFrances and Richard Lockridge1948Mystery
Cover art - Blind Man's Bluff230Blind Man's BluffBaynard H. Kendrick1948Mystery
Cover art - A Halo for Nobody231A Halo for NobodyHenry Kane1948Mystery
Cover art - The Rope Began to Hang the Butcher232The Rope Began to Hang the ButcherC. W. Grafton1948Mystery
Cover art - Student Nurse234Student NurseRenee Shann1948Romance
Cover art - House of Darkness237House of DarknessAllan MacKinnon1948Mystery
Cover art - Candidate for Love239Candidate for LoveMaysie Greig1948Romance
Cover art - The Charred Witness240The Charred WitnessGeorge Harmon Coxe1948Mystery
Cover art - The Bat241The BatMary Roberts Rinehart1948Mystery
Cover art - Judas, Incorporated244Judas, IncorporatedKurt Steel1948Mystery
Cover art - Wallflowers245WallflowersTemple Bailey1948Romance
Cover art - One Angel Less247One Angel LessH. W. Roden1948Mystery
Cover art - Banbury Bog251Banbury BogPhoebe Atwood Taylor1948Mystery
Cover art - Benefit Performance252Benefit PerformanceRichard Sale1948Mystery
Cover art - Bats Fly at Dusk254Bats Fly at DuskA. A. Fair1948Mystery
Cover art - Murder in Retrospect257Murder in RetrospectAgatha Christie1948Mystery
Cover art - No Coffin for the Corpse258No Coffin for the CorpseClayton Rawson1948Mystery
Cover art - Murder Wears Mukluks259Murder Wears MukluksEunice Mays Boyd1948Mystery
Cover art - Fear
and Trembling / Shivery Stories264Fear and Trembling / Shivery StoriesAlfred Hitchcock1948Mystery
Cover art - Men Under the Sea265Men Under the SeaFrank Meier1948Non-fiction
Cover art - Ghost of a Chance266Ghost of a ChanceKelley Roos1948Mystery
Cover art - Not Quite Dead Enough / Booby Trap267Not Quite Dead Enough / Booby TrapRex Stout1948Mystery
Cover art - Blood on Biscayne Bay268Blood on Biscayne BayBrett Halliday1949Mystery
Cover art - The Invisible Man269The Invisible ManH. G. Wells1948Science Fiction
Cover art - It Ain't Hay270It Ain't HayDavid Dodge1949Mystery
Cover art - The Velvet Fleece272The Velvet FleeceLois Eby1949Mystery
Cover art - Death Knell273Death KnellBaynard H. Kendrick1949Mystery
Cover art - Where There's Smoke275Where There's SmokeStewart Sterling1949Mystery
Cover art - Counterfeit Wife280Counterfeit WifeBrett Halliday1949Mystery
Cover art - Cards on the Table293Cards on the TableAgatha Christie1949Mystery
Cover art - The Goblin Market295The Goblin MarketHelen McCloy1949Mystery
Cover art - Bad for Business299Bad for BusinessRex Stout1949Mystery
Cover art - The Dark Device302The Dark DeviceHannah Lees1949Mystery
Cover art - The Mirabilis Diamond303The Mirabilis DiamondJerome Odlum1949Mystery
Cover art - Pick Your Victim307Pick Your VictimPat McGerr1949Mystery
Cover art - Dead Yellow Women308Dead Yellow WomenDashiell Hammett1949Mystery
Cover art - Dead Wrong/The Affair of the Virginia Widow314Dead Wrong/The Affair of the Virginia WidowStewart Sterling1949Mystery
Cover art - Cats Prowl at Night315Cats Prowl at NightA. A. Fair1949Mystery
Cover art - Armchair in Hell316Armchair in HellHenry Kane1949Mystery
Cover art - Report for a Corpse330Report for a CorpseHenry Kane1949Mystery
Cover art - Just Around the Coroner337Just Around the CoronerStuart Brock1949Mystery
Cover art - Dead Yellow Women421Dead Yellow WomenDashiell Hammett1950Mystery