The Mapback Index

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NOTE: These are only this artist's Dell Mapbacks. Books published under other publishers and imprints are not included.

Cover Dell Number Title Author Copyright Date Genre
Cover art - The American Gun Mystery4The American Gun MysteryEllery Queen1943Mystery
Cover art - Four Frightened Women5Four Frightened WomenGeorge Harmon Coxe1943Mystery
Cover art - Ill Met by Moonlight6Ill Met by MoonlightLeslie Ford1943Mystery
Cover art - See You at the Morgue7See You at the MorgueLawrence G. Blochman1943Mystery
Cover art - The Lone Wolf10The Lone WolfLouis Joseph Vance1943Mystery
Cover art - Hearses Don't Hurry11Hearses Don't HurryStephen Ransome1943Mystery
Cover art - Death Wears a White Gardenia13Death Wears a White GardeniaZelda Popkin1943Mystery
Cover art - The Golden Swan Murder15The Golden Swan MurderDorothy Cameron Disney1943Mystery
Cover art - The Unicorn Murders16The Unicorn MurdersCarter Dickson1943Mystery
Cover art - The Dead Can Tell17The Dead Can TellHelen Reilly1943Mystery
Cover art - The Puzzle of the Silver Persian18The Puzzle of the Silver PersianStuart Palmer1943Mystery
Cover art - Death Over Sunday19Death Over SundayJames Francis Bonnell1943Mystery
Cover art - Tambay Gold20Tambay GoldSamuel Hopkins Adams1943General
Sorry, no cover yet!22Holiday HomicideRufus King1943Mystery
Cover art - The Phantom of the Opera24The Phantom of the OperaGaston Leroux1943Mystery
Cover art - Speak No Evil25Speak No EvilMignon G. Eberhart1944Mystery
Cover art - The Camera Clue27The Camera ClueGeorge Harmon Coxe1944Mystery
Cover art - The Mountain Cat Murders28The Mountain Cat MurdersRex Stout1944Mystery
Cover art - Curtains for the Copper29Curtains for the CopperThomas Polsky1944Mystery
Cover art - Memo to a Firing Squad30Memo to a Firing SquadFrederick Hazlitt Brennan1944General
Cover art - Dance of Death33Dance of DeathHelen McCloy1944Mystery
Cover art - Crime Hound34Crime HoundMary Semple Scott1944Mystery
Cover art - The Cat Saw Murder35The Cat Saw MurderD. B. Olsen1944Mystery
Cover art - The Hammersmith Murders36The Hammersmith MurdersDavid Frome1944Mystery
Cover art - The Lesser Antilles Case39The Lesser Antilles CaseRufus King1944Mystery
Cover art - The Case of Jennie Brice40The Case of Jennie BriceMary Roberts Rinehart1944Mystery
Cover art - Murders at Scandal House42Murders at Scandal HousePeter Hunt1944Mystery
Cover art - Midnight Sailing43Midnight SailingLawrence G. Blochman1944Mystery
Cover art - Reply Paid44Reply PaidH. F. Heard1944Mystery
Cover art - Too Many Cooks45Too Many CooksRex Stout1944Mystery
Cover art - The Boomerang Clue46The Boomerang ClueAgatha Christie1944Mystery
Cover art - Keeper of the Keys47Keeper of the KeysEarl Derr Biggers1944Mystery
Cover art - The Cross-Eyed Bear Murders48The Cross-Eyed Bear MurdersDorothy B. Hughes1944Mystery
Cover art - The Feathered Serpent49The Feathered SerpentEdgar Wallace1944Mystery
Cover art - The Iron Spiders Murders50The Iron Spiders MurdersBaynard H. Kendrick1944Mystery
Cover art - The Body That Wasn't Uncle52The Body That Wasn't UncleGeorge Worthing Yates1944Mystery
Cover art - Blood Money53Blood MoneyDashiell Hammett1944Mystery
Cover art - Harvard Has a Homicide54Harvard Has a HomicideTimothy Fuller1944Mystery
Cover art - The Frightened Stiff56The Frightened StiffKelley Roos1944Mystery
Cover art - The Window at the White Cat57The Window at the White CatMary Roberts Rinehart1944Mystery
Cover art - Murder for the Asking58Murder for the AskingGeorge Harmon Coxe1944Mystery
Cover art - Turn on the Heat59Turn on the HeatA. A. Fair1944Mystery
Cover art - Thirteen at Dinner60Thirteen at DinnerAgatha Christie1944Mystery
Cover art - The Clue of the Judas Tree61The Clue of the Judas TreeLeslie Ford1944Mystery
Cover art - Strawstack Murders62Strawstack MurdersDorothy Cameron Disney1944Mystery
Cover art - Mourned on Sunday63Mourned on SundayHelen Reilly1944Mystery
Cover art - The Department of Queer Complaints65The Department of Queer ComplaintsCarter Dickson1944Mystery
Cover art - A Talent for Murder66A Talent for MurderAnna Mary Wells1944Mystery
Cover art - Hidden Ways67Hidden WaysFrederic F. Van de Water1944Mystery
Cover art - Juliet Dies Twice68Juliet Dies TwiceLange Lewis1944Mystery
Cover art - Death from a Top Hat69Death from a Top HatClayton Rawson1945Mystery
Cover art - The Red Bull70The Red BullRex Stout1945Mystery
Cover art - Murder in the Mist71Murder in the MistZelda Popkin1945Mystery
Cover art - The Man in the Moonlight72The Man in the MoonlightHelen McCloy1945Mystery
Cover art - Week-End Marriage73Week-End MarriageFaith Baldwin1945Romance
Cover art - The Murder That Had Everything74The Murder That Had EverythingHulbert Footner1945Mystery
Cover art - Affair of the Scarlet Crab75Affair of the Scarlet CrabClifford Knight1945Mystery
Cover art - Murder Wears a Mummer's Mask78Murder Wears a Mummer's MaskBrett Halliday1945Mystery
Cover art - The Hornets' Nest79The Hornets' NestBruno Fischer1945Mystery
Cover art - Prescription for Murder80Prescription for MurderHannah Lees1945Mystery
Cover art - The Glass Triangle81The Glass TriangleGeorge Harmon Coxe1945Mystery
Cover art - Curtains for the Editor82Curtains for the EditorThomas Polsky1945Mystery
Cover art - With This Ring83With This RingMignon G. Eberhart1945Mystery
Cover art - Gold Comes in Bricks84Gold Comes in BricksA. A. Fair1945Mystery
Cover art - The Savage Gentleman85The Savage GentlemanPhilip Wylie1945General
Cover art - The Man Who Murdered Goliath86The Man Who Murdered GoliathGeoffrey Homes1945Mystery
Cover art - Painted for the Kill87Painted for the KillLucy Cores1945Mystery
Cover art - A Man Called Spade90A Man Called SpadeDashiell Hammett1945Mystery
Cover art - No Crime for a Lady94No Crime for a LadyZelda Popkin1945Mystery
Cover art - The Last Express95The Last ExpressBaynard H. Kendrick1945Mystery
Cover art - Skeleton Key96Skeleton KeyLenore Glen Offord1945Mystery
Cover art - Trail Boss of Indian Beef97Trail Boss of Indian BeefHarold Channing Wire1945Western
Cover art - Spring Harrowing98Spring HarrowingPhoebe Atwood Taylor1945Mystery
Cover art - Now, Voyager99Now, VoyagerOlive Higgins Prouty1945Romance
Cover art - The So Blue Marble100The So Blue MarbleDorothy B. Hughes1946Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!102You Only Hang OnceH. W. Roden1945Mystery
Cover art - Murder is a Kill-Joy103Murder is a Kill-JoyElizabeth Sanxay Holding1946Mystery
Cover art - The Crooking Finger104The Crooking FingerCleve F. Adams1946Mystery
Cover art - Appointment with Death105Appointment with DeathAgatha Christie1946Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!106Made Up to KillKelley Roos1946Mystery
Cover art - The Deadly Truth107The Deadly TruthHelen McCloy1946Mystery
Cover art - Wall of Eyes110Wall of EyesMargaret Millar1946Mystery
Cover art - Greenmask111GreenmaskJefferson Farjeon1946Mystery
Cover art - Michael Shayne's Long Chance112Michael Shayne's Long ChanceBrett Halliday1946Mystery
Cover art - The Whistling Hangman113The Whistling HangmanBaynard H. Kendrick1946Mystery
Cover art - Broken Vase,
The115Broken Vase, TheRex Stout1946Mystery
Cover art - Honor Bound116Honor BoundFaith Baldwin1946Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!117Women Are Like ThatAlice Elinor Lambert1946Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!118Half AngelFanny Heaslip Lea1946Romance
Cover art - Man in the Saddle120Man in the SaddleErnest Haycox1946Western
Cover art - Too Many Bones123Too Many BonesRuth Sawtell Wallis1946Mystery
Cover art - Murderer's Choice126Murderer's ChoiceAnna Mary Wells1946Mystery
Cover art - Murder
and the Married Virgin128Murder and the Married VirginBrett Halliday1946Mystery
Cover art - The Continental Op129The Continental OpDashiell Hammett1946Mystery
Cover art - The Red Lamp131The Red LampMary Roberts Rinehart1946Mystery
Cover art - The Visitor132The VisitorCarl Randau1946Mystery
Cover art - Wives to Burn134Wives to BurnLawrence G. Blochman1946Mystery
Cover art - Wolf in Man's Clothing136Wolf in Man's ClothingMignon G. Eberhart1946Mystery
Cover art - Crimson Friday137Crimson FridayDorothy Cameron Disney1946Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!138Men Are Such FoolsFaith Baldwin1946Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!139Love--and the Countess to BootJack Iams1945Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!140Footprint of CinderellaPhilip Wylie1946Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!141The Swift HourHarriett Thurman1946Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!142Cold StealAlice Tilton1946Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!143Bar the Doors/Terror StoriesAlfred Hitchcock1946General
Sorry, no cover yet!147The Lady is AfraidGeorge Harmon Coxe1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!148Name Your PoisonHelen Reilly1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!149The BlackbirderDorothy B. Hughes1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!151Who's Calling?Helen McCloy1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!153Western StoriesGene Autry1947Western
Sorry, no cover yet!154Return of the Continental OpDashiell Hammett1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!155Sailor, Take Warning!Kelley Roos1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!158The Devil in the BushMatthew Head1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!159If a BodyGeorge Worthing Yates1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!160Double or QuitsA. A. Fair1947Mystery
Cover art - The Man Next Door161The Man Next DoorMignon G. Eberhart1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!162Odor of VioletsBaynard H. Kendrick1947Mystery
Cover art - Self-Made Woman163Self-Made WomanFaith Baldwin1947Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!164The Left LegAlice Tilton1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!165Wiped Out/Stories of the Foreign LegionJohn D. Newsom1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!166The WallMary Roberts Rinehart1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!167White FawnOlive Higgins Prouty1947Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!168The Corpse Came CallingBrett Halliday1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!169The Barotique MysteryGeorge Harmon Coxe1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!172Sad CypressAgatha Christie1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!173Rim of the PitHake Talbot1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!177The Hand in the GloveRex Stout1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!180The Rat Began to Gnaw the RopeC. W. Grafton1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!181Great Black KanbaConstance Little1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!182No Time to KillGeorge Harmon Coxe1947Mystery
Cover art - Murder Is My Business184Murder Is My BusinessBrett Halliday1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!185Too Busy to DieH. W. Roden1947Mystery
Cover art - She Ate Her Cake186She Ate Her CakeBlair Treynor1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!187N or M?Agatha Christie1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!188The Splendid QuestEdison Marshall1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!189Kind Are Her AnswersMary Renault1947General
Sorry, no cover yet!190Dead Man's GiftZelda Popkin1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!192Tugboat AnnieNorman Reilly Raine1947General
Sorry, no cover yet!193ScarecrowEaton K. Goldthwaite1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!194The Innocent Mrs. DuffElizabeth Sanxay Holding1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!196Rich Girl, Poor GirlFaith Baldwin1947Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!197Kiss the Blood Off My HandsGerald Butler1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!198The Glass MaskLenore Glen Offord1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!200The Opening DoorHelen Reilly1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!203The State Versus Elinor NortonMary Roberts Rinehart1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!204The Frightened PigeonNoel Burke1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!207The Crimson FeatherSara Elizabeth Mason1947Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!209The Iron GatesMargaret Millar1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!210Ride the Pink HorseDorothy B. Hughes1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!212Cue for MurderHelen McCloy1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!213Unidentified WomanMignon G. Eberhart1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!214The Birthday MurderLange Lewis1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!215Dr.Parrish, ResidentSydney Thompson1948Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!218H As In HuntedLawrence Treat1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!221Dark PassageDavid Goodis1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!222Marked for MurderBrett Halliday1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!223Hammett HomicidesDashiell Hammett1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!225Silent Are the DeadGeorge Harmon Coxe1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!227Trail TownErnest Haycox1948Western
Sorry, no cover yet!228Murder on Angler's IslandHelen Reilly1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!229Murder Within MurderFrances and Richard Lockridge1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!230Blind Man's BluffBaynard H. Kendrick1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!231A Halo for NobodyHenry Kane1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!232The Rope Began to Hang the ButcherC. W. Grafton1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!234Student NurseRenee Shann1948Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!237House of DarknessAllan MacKinnon1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!239Candidate for LoveMaysie Greig1948Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!240The Charred WitnessGeorge Harmon Coxe1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!241The BatMary Roberts Rinehart1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!244Judas, IncorporatedKurt Steel1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!245WallflowersTemple Bailey1948Romance
Sorry, no cover yet!247One Angel LessH. W. Roden1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!251Banbury BogPhoebe Atwood Taylor1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!252Benefit PerformanceRichard Sale1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!254Bats Fly at DuskA. A. Fair1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!257Murder in RetrospectAgatha Christie1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!258No Coffin for the CorpseClayton Rawson1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!259Murder Wears MukluksEunice Mays Boyd1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!264Fear and Trembling / Shivery StoriesAlfred Hitchcock1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!265Men Under the SeaFrank Meier1948Non-fiction
Sorry, no cover yet!266Ghost of a ChanceKelley Roos1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!267Not Quite Dead Enough / Booby TrapRex Stout1948Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!268Blood on Biscayne BayBrett Halliday1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!269The Invisible ManH. G. Wells1948Science Fiction
Sorry, no cover yet!270It Ain't HayDavid Dodge1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!272The Velvet FleeceLois Eby1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!273Death KnellBaynard H. Kendrick1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!275Where There's SmokeStewart Sterling1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!280Counterfeit WifeBrett Halliday1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!293Cards on the TableAgatha Christie1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!295The Goblin MarketHelen McCloy1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!299Bad for BusinessRex Stout1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!302The Dark DeviceHannah Lees1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!303The Mirabilis DiamondJerome Odlum1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!307Pick Your VictimPat McGerr1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!308Dead Yellow WomenDashiell Hammett1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!314Dead Wrong/The Affair of the Virginia WidowStewart Sterling1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!315Cats Prowl at NightA. A. Fair1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!316Armchair in HellHenry Kane1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!330Report for a CorpseHenry Kane1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!337Just Around the CoronerStuart Brock1949Mystery
Sorry, no cover yet!421Dead Yellow WomenDashiell Hammett1950Mystery